We’ve all learnt a lot this semester in all the different aspects of entrepreneurship, it would be impossible to list it all, and most of it would only come to mind if encountered with something related to it. I really enjoyed learning about the experience you gain and the knowledge you take away from it. It was almost like we were getting experience despite not actually created a business. I really wish we had the opportunity to take this class in person or even be able to dedicate more time on a weekly basis to it. I feel like there was still so much we could have learnt with such great and experienced teachers. I can’t really speak of what I wished I had learnt that I didn’t learn because I feel like you only realise what you don’t know until you encounter it because of how immensely complex the world is with all its moving parts and components.

Once again, I will have to repeat myself, but I really loved my team, I didn’t have any issues with anyone, and they were all brilliant people. I think it was exceptional what we were able to do given our circumstance with the pandemic and the heavy load of work we had from other classes. Katya especially was outstanding, and it was really good to have someone that had a good understanding of financials, in which I am incompetent. Preston also stood out, he would always provide useful and creative insights into the fitness industry. Overall, I was incredibly lucky with my team, and I couldn’t have chosen better. I’m very happy we weren’t separated early on in the semester.

The semester went really well in terms of this class, but in my other classes, it has been rather rough, especially because they got rid of Spring break, which was a necessity for many in order to rest their mind for a week without having to worry about assignments. The lack of spring break definitely lead to some burnout, which makes it very hard to be productive or learn. My favourite part was probably learning about defining the problem before you decide to solve it. My least favourite part would be financials because not only do I not fully understand them but also because gathering the data required for them was incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

I have no idea where I’m going next, I’m doing a marketing coop at Wayfair next semester, so I’ll hopefully be able to gather some more experience and understanding. One day I hope to start my own company, but I am not sure when that will be. I have been tempted to start a company by myself just for the sake of it, basically going off the concept that I could learn a lot from taking a bad idea and see how far I can take it. There is a lot of debate in my head about what decisions I should make. My general conclusion at the moment is that growing up is scary, and I want to cling to any part of my childhood I have left as I already sacrificed so much of it studying, moving and taking on new challenges.